Debbi Kemp holds a Certificate IV in Wholistic Wellness but more importantly uses her own life experiences as resources in her passion for helping others with a specific interest in those whom she affectionately calls her ‘A’ Team.  Autistic, ADHD, Aspergers, Animals and anyone feeling ‘Alien’ in this society, respond well to her ability to be the bridge and communicate with them on their vibration.

Wholistic Wellness means treating the person as a whole and as an individual, symptoms are just an indicator of unbalance. A short consultation will determine the most effective path to wellness for each client. Wholistic Wellness allows the client the best environment to allow their body to self heal. Debbi has compiled a range of high vibrational crystal sprays and oils that are currently being used by practitioners and clients, including a range for the ‘A’ team and a newly released baby range.

Debbi Kemp  m 0408 830 900  

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