Meal Break came about to help busy families out. To make wholesome snacks more available. BUT I have found many people not just busy families need help with meals rather than snacks, so a name change from Recess Break to MEAL BREAK was needed.
Available every Thursday at Organic Corner Store and pick up from my home by appointment.quinoa salad recipe with butternut squash cabbage and apples

I have 2 Menus because there is a real need for Heathy Family meal options for those who have run out of time in the day to make a healthy dinner and would then run to a take away shop. Plan ahead and have a few Meals from Meal Break in the freezer for those nights OR to just give yourself a night off from cooking as we all need them!!!
The meals are a great idea for those who live alone as it gives them something nice to look forward to rather than a quick fix or buying so many ingredients for one meal.
Then I have the MENU for people who are following a strict diet plan due to many reasons. I have started with PALEO, KETO and AIP (Auto Immune Protocol)

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What is the Organic Corner Store Co-op?

Our co-op provides customers with certified organic, seasonal produce with limited packaging. There is no mark up on the bulk order so customers are accessing reasonably priced certified organic produce.