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Hi, I'm Connie and I am a Tri Nature Distributor. I run the Tri Nature and Puraforce Stalls down at OCS on a Thursday

A little about me: I come from a Science background, have a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathy. I have been in the world of natural therapies and products for over 15 years and love it!

I came across Tri Nature 9 years ago, after the birth of my second child. At the time I had 2 small children, both still in nappies and the constant washing had left my hands dry, cracked and bleeding.

After desperately trying many other products, I started with Tri Nature's Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid, Handwash and Laundry Powder. Within two weeks, my hands were soft, smooth and no longer bleeding...I didn't even need moisturiser ! I was so happy that I changed my whole home over to Tri Nature and once I had my eldest off to school became a Distributor myself

I am at OCS every week so please come over, I'd love to chat with you

Tri Nature: Eco Friendly Products for Household (Cleaning, Kitchen, Laundry, Car) and Personal Care (Skin, Hair, Body, Baby and Aroma) Australian Made and Owned Sourced from natural and renewable resources Non Toxic and Safe NO phosphates, no nitrates, no petrochemicals, no caustic chlorides, no SLS, no fillers Grey Water and Septic Safe 100% Biodegradeable Cruelty Free Accredited and Vegan Friendly Highly concentrated, long lasting and economical, saving you $$$ An absolute pleasure to use !!! Visit me on facebook: 

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Glenelg North Community Centre  
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What is the Organic Corner Store Co-op?

Our co-op provides customers with certified organic, seasonal produce with limited packaging. There is no mark up on the bulk order so customers are accessing reasonably priced certified organic produce.