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Seed Organic Wholefoods was founded in 2012 by Emily after health issues forced her to look at every aspect of her family's lifestyle and wellbeing. She realised that while she had always strived to prepare healthy meals, the supermarket ingredients in her pantry were full of unnecessary chemicals, additives and toxins that she felt were counteracting her efforts.

After uninspiring and overwhelming experiences at health food stores, she decided to start her own organic supply company with the aim to provide Certified Organic, Raw and Natural Food products at affordable prices in a simple and straightforward way.

Seed Organic Wholefoods is a Retailer of CERTIFIED ORGANIC nuts, grains, cereals, dried fruit, seeds, oils, herbs, spices, beans, cacao, flours, tea, rice, nutritional wholefoods, spreads, sugars, sweeteners & more.



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Glenelg North Community Centre  
Alison Street Glenelg North

What is the Organic Corner Store Co-op?

Our co-op provides customers with certified organic, seasonal produce with limited packaging. There is no mark up on the bulk order so customers are accessing reasonably priced certified organic produce.